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Cool Bear Clear Square Water Bottle with Straw - A1167

Cool Bear Clear Square Water Bottle with Straw - A1167

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  1. Designed for the ideal user experience, this water bottle boasts an attractive shape, making it perfect for enjoying coffee, tea, wine, or juice. It's versatile for both indoor and outdoor use, whether at home, parties, during travel, or at the office.
  2. The bottle is crafted using quality materials. The main body is composed of durable PC plastic, complemented by a PP plastic lid, a soft silicone suction nozzle, and a leather cup sleeve and strap.
  3. With excellent heat resistance ranging from -10°C to 120°C, you can safely use it for both hot and cold beverages. It's even easy to clean with a cup brush and can be refrigerated or filled with boiling water.
  4. Please remember not to use any heating appliances like microwaves to warm the bottle, and avoid exposing it to open flames. This elegantly simple water bottle is a must-have for your daily needs.
  • Capacity: 23 oz
  • Material: PC
  • Height: 7.2 in
  • Diameters: 5 in
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